Delete your Yuva Account

Yuvaraj Finance Private Limited (“us”, “we”, or “Yuvaraj”) aims to make users (“You” or “Customer” or “User”) of our Yuva Application (Yuva) and our loan services and products (Services) not only to be able to delete their Yuva Account, but also understand the procedure and the consequences of such deletion, including the retention of some specific information by us due to regulatory requirements.

You can delete your Yuva Account at any time. Please note that, if you change your mind, you might not be able to recover it after a certain amount of time, and you will need to create a new account.

First step: Learn what deleting your account means

  • In case you have an active loan taken through Yuva, You will lose the access and all the data and content in that account, like loan agreement, KFS, your ID/bank documents and personal details.
  • All the data you provided to us, will be stored according to our Privacy Policy, unless you also request a data deletion. For more information please access our Privacy Policy through your Yuva account or on our website
  • Note, that deletion of Yuva account does not suspend and/or terminate your loan agreement, if you have not fulfilled all of your obligations under your loan agreement.
  • Note, that deletion of Yuva account will not prejudice our right to retain any data in relation to the Services provided to you or retain data required by applicable laws even if you do not have any active loan taken through Yuva.
  • Upon deletion of your Yuva account, You will not be able to use Yuva services, like easy access and communication with the customer support or Lender, request for extension of your loan, repay your loan through the application, apply for a new loan, etc.

Second step: Save information and download your documents

Before you delete your account:

  • Review the status of your loans. In case you have any active loans, we recommend you repay them before deleting Yuva account, as you will not be able to easily track your loan status without your Yuva account.
  • Though We sent you all loan documents to your registered email, we recommend you download all your loan documents before requesting account deletion.
  • Save contact details of Yuva Customer Care, Lender, etc., in case you need to contact Us.

Third step: Request deletion of your Yuva account

If you have not changed your mind and took a decision to delete your Yuva account, upon completion of Steps described hereabove, please contact us using the Yuva facility or by email with the following subject matter:

Subject matter: Yuva Account Deletion.

In your message to us, please indicate if you wish to delete your Yuva account entirely.

Sometimes customers wish to merely delete specific data provided, but accidently delete their accounts. In case you do not wish to delete your Yuva account entirely, please indicate the same in your email to us and our responsible manager will contact you to discuss your concerns and define how to proceed.

Upon deletion of your Yuva account you will receive a confirmation from us by email.

Recover your account

If you wish to recover your Yuva account after its deletion, please contact us by email with the following subject matter:

Subject matter: Yuva Account Recovery

Our responsible manager will contact you to inform you whether the recovery of your Yuva account is possible and how to proceed.